Introduction to Thanks® Social Recognition Platform

This online guide has been created to help you understand the platform, have a quick dive into the basics of setting up your recognition program before setting you on the path to configuring your very own awesome recognition program.

Welcome! So you are new to Thanks® and might be wondering what the platform is all about.

What is Thanks®? Well, it is a cloud based social recognition platform that makes it fast, easy and simple for companies to set up a world class recognition program empowering employees to appreciate great outcomes in the flow of their everyday work.

Let us break that jargon down a bit to better explain what it really means.

Thanks® is a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform. This essentially means that we host our technology platform on secure servers and make it available for access to you over the internet. So you do not have to setup anything on your computing infrastructure, your IT department does not have to spend time and resources managing Thanks®, and the platform is accessible to your teams anywhere in the world, anytime, on any device (Most anyway. If you can access a modern website on your device, you can access Thanks®).

Letting others in the organization know about great work a colleague has done boosts morale and improves camaraderie. Thanks® lets you broadcast appreciation onto an organization wide social feed so that others can see and join in on the conversation too. Note: This is a secure, organization specific feed that only employees of the company can see.)

Like most companies, you too must have a set of popular work tools where people go to for the usual collaboration and information update – be it email, messaging or collaboration platforms. Thanks® integrates with industry leading worktools like Microsoft Outlook, Teams, and Workplace out of the box. Your employees can now appreciate colleagues from within the tools they spend most time on, instead of having to switch platforms.

Our engineers have spent a lot of sleepless nights and consumed gallons of coffee in the sole pursuit of making Thanks® amazingly simple to configure, deploy and maintain. Our technology does handles all the complexity of managing workflow, tracking utilization and updating dashboards so you can spend time on what really matters to you. The easy to use interface is so intuitive that there is no learning curve for employees to start using the platform right away. Just give them access and watch the appreciations pour in.