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In 2018/2019, we saw organizations make significant investments in workplace culture. Our research demonstrates that these deliberate culture strategies and efforts are making a difference across the board. However, the journey to thriving workplaces is just beginning. In spite of some positive changes in corporate culture, we have uncovered a new wave of challenges: a growing frustration with conventional workplace practices, an alarming increase in burnout, and a rejection of traditional leadership practices and philosophies. Organizations need to break out of the employee lifecycle mentality to focus on the everyday micro-experiences that, for employees, define life at work.

A step-by-step guide to achieving an engaging workplace culture through employee recognition. Workplace cultures that help people thrive begin with employee recognition. When done right, recognition improves the quantity and quality of peak experiences at work—experiences that help people reach higher, accomplish more, and want to stay. Use this guide as a framework for creating an employee recognition program that connects people to purpose, accomplishment, and one another.

All around the world, corporations are investing significant resources to improve workplace culture with mixed results. How about you? Are your culture-building efforts creating a great employee experience? Are they attracting good people and inspiring them to achieve? Are they driving business results? Or are they going to waste? Discover how focusing on the right culture priorities can help you influence greatness in your organisation in this new joint study by the O.C. Tanner Institute, Y2 Analytics, and Harvard Business School professor, Ashley Whillans.

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