Appreciation Ideas

When it comes to appreciation moments that really wow, the human touch is everything. Here are a few ideas to get your appreciation juices surging. Borrow, pilfer, modify, or invent your own. The point is to appreciate. Our way, your way, any way.

For the team member who insists on working through lunch, insist on buying their lunch and delivering it to their desk. The work gets done and their belly gets fed. It's a win-win for everybody.

If someone has been burning the midnight oil a lot, you can bet not much is getting done at home. So help them clean house. Literally. Present them with a gift certificate for maid service. (Complimentary vodka martini optional.)

Ah, the coveted parking spot. The spot we all wish we had as we trudge our way to the front door every morning. Imagine how appreciated a star team member will feel when you give it to them for a week.

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Share your creative ways to say thanks.